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What to do in Helsinki?

Get the best out of your visit in Helsinki with our experiences. You can choose from our experience packages or get a tailor-made experience of your choice! Our packages are: Summer cottage & sauna experience, Helsinki City Experience and forest bathing but we are happy to create your dream day!

No need to wonder what to do in Helsinki anymore, just contact us. We are the experts, and if you don’t believe, read testimonials – the evidence speaks for itself.

About us

“My name is Niki and I’m the Chief Experience Officer at One Day in Helsinki. My passion is to create amazing experiences for people visiting my hometown. When I was younger I even invited selected travellers to stay in my home, because it’s always so interesting to meet new people from different cultures. I’ve lived most of my life in the Helsinki area, but I’ve also travelled to over 40 different countries and lived abroad for five years in Germany, USA and twice in China.

At One Day in Helsinki what matters most to us is that you get great vibes and a day you will never forget. It’s important for us that each visitor feels welcome and safe. Feel free to choose from our packages or challenge us with new suggestions.”

+358407754500 niki@onedayinhelsinki.com

Now it’s your time to visit Helsinki!

What to do in Helsinki – I help

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