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The Summer Cottage Season is Here

Summer is approaching… which also means that the Mökki season can finally begin!

Mökki refers to a Finnish summer cottage, which is an important part of Finnish culture. It’s a place where we go escape the city during the weekends and the summer vacation. These holiday homes are typically located by the sea, a lake, or in the middle of the woods. Depending on the preferences of the owner’s hobbies, of course. The mökki season is considered to begin when the first sunbeams of spring come out and it ends when the nights fall below zero Celsius. Many people do also occasionally visit the cottage during the winter months for ice fishing, sauna and silence.

Beautiful Finnish summer cottage and two happy guests.

Finnish summer cottage with a view, and champagne.


Mökki culture?

Us Finns are very attached to nature, as we are used to having it present everywhere. The mökki represents a way of escapism, offering a chance to temporarily flee away from the city rush into a quiet place of peace and stillness. Many Finns direct their love and care towards these leisure time homes, decorating their property with elegant designs, creating beautiful gardens, and making sure the mökki landscape is harmonic.

The Mökki is a Showcase of the Owner’s Creativity & Hobbies

However, there is no one correct way a mökki should look like: at heart, mökki can be any kind of second home that is designed according to the preferences of the owners. For some, the essence of a mökki is a location by water and a private deck, so that they can park their boat by the shoreline (the Finns LOVE their boats!). For others, mökki could be a luxury space to detach from mundane life and unwind. For the most traditionally thinking Finns, the mökki is a return to more simple days without the luxury of modern facilities. They prefer not to have electrycity or running water at their cottage. Most of us however prefer some of the modern comforts even at the cottage.

What is common for most Finnish holiday homes, though, is a separate sauna building… The closer to water the sauna is located, the better!

Sauna building right by the shoreline… at One Day in Helsinki cottage.


Did you know…

– In 2016, there were more than 500,000 mökki’s registered in Finland (which is quite a few, considering the population is only a bit more than 5 million).

– While 70% of Finland is covered by forests, lakes take over 20% of the area (No wonder the mökki is often located in the middle of nature!).

– There are about 168,000 lakes in Finland (… so there are plenty of mökki properties with a shoreline).

Sounds tempting?

To gain an authentic experience of the Finnish mökki life, One Day in Helsinki provides a Finnish Summer Cottage & Sauna experience! This trip will be tailored for your preferences, whether you want to feel the silence of the Finnish forest, to try out bathing in the sea directly from a sauna, or just to enjoy a beautiful afternoon with and a delicious lunch in a harmonic destination. If you are the type who mostly gets excited about pure nature experiences, we also recommend Forest Bathing in Nuuksio national park!

Holiday home view towards the sea

Holiday home view earlier this spring. There might still be bits of snow on the ground, but the summer is certainly approaching.


Hope you all a beautiful start for the Mökki season!
Written by One Day in Helsinki and Co

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