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Archipelago of The Baltic Sea – Day trips from Helsinki

An amazing archipelago view


Helsinki is amazing, attractive and safe to visit, with a beautiful archipelago during the summertime. Helsinki City has many remarkable and charming sights to see with many picturesque walking streets, museums, churches, and monuments. The Helsinki Cathedral and Esplanadi Park are must see attractions. Helsinki is also a great place for shopping and dining, and not to forget indoor and outdoor marketplaces. If you want to get out of the city, we also offer day trips from Helsinki, for example to archipelago and nearby islands.

Helsinki by The Sea



Helsinki City’s attraction is likewise enriched because it is a city that is located by the sea. Visitors to Helsinki can experience some great boating adventures at the magnificent archipelago. The Finnish Baltic Sea and its Archipelago offers visitors the opportunity to encounter plenty of extreme island scenes since it is deemed to be one of the largest archipelagos.



Top Four Islands Visited


Visitors who visit Helsinki City can equally take the time to experience some of the individual islands and what they offer. Korkeasaari and Suomenlinna are a few of the most popular Finnish islands that are visited. Korkeasaari is a zoo which is situated on an island and has an outstanding viewpoint of Helsinki. Suomenlinna fortress is roughly a fifteen-minute journey by ferry from Helsinki’s Market Square by the sea. Suomenlinna offers visitors a great opportunity to observe the surrounding maritime scenery and cruise ships entering to and from the Helsinki harbour. Vallisaari Military Island which was recently opened to the public is also accessible by ferry and is a beautiful island which is highly recommended to visit, because of the scenic untouched nature. Seurasaari provides an opportunity for people to learn and gain an insight about some of the unique Finnish culture because the island is an amazing outdoor museum.



Archipelago Experiences in Helsinki


If you are interested in exploring the archipelago further, One Day in Helsinki can arrange a private boat for hire and help you visit some of the least seen hidden islands.

Written by One Day in Helsinki & Co.

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