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Cruise Ship Visitors Having a Great Day in Helsinki

I love spring time, because it means that cruise ship visitors come to Helsinki. People who come here by cruise ship have limited time and want to get to know the city they are in as quickly and efficiently as possible. One Day in Helsinki guests also want to have memorable moments and unique experiences, that’s why we always make sure to know what the group wants before planning the experience. This is a story about one family of three generations from the USA, who came to Helsinki on a cruise ship.

Private tours for cruise ship visitors to Helsinki

Private tours for cruise ship visitors to Helsinki


It was a beautiful morning and I woke up at 7 a.m. with plenty of time before the family was due to arrive. I felt energized by the sun, so I put on my running shoes and went for a run. I decided to run by the harbor, where the cruise ship would arrive a few hours later. During the run I went through the plan for the day in my mind, also thinking about my soon to be arriving guests. The family includes seven people from the USA; parents, grandparents (grandma in a wheelchair) and three kids. We had a great plan for the day with something for everyone, not forgetting some fun for the kids.


Pick up from as close as it gets


At ten a.m. I took the van and picked up Kia (my sister and co-guide) from the center and drove to the cruise ship. We stopped the van right next to the ship and Kia went out to meet our guests by the door. As the family came out of the ship, we immediately recognized them. They looked happy and curious to learn more about this new city they had just arrived in. There was definitely a positive energy in the air from the very start.

Cruise ship leaving from Helsinki. In the background is Helsinki Cathedral.


A day packed with experiences


The family had asked for a four hour tour of Helsinki. We planned a tour packed with culinary delights, cultural experiences and of course fun. We had Finnish pastries with coffee and hot chocolate, checked out some historical architecture on the way and talked about Finnish culture and life here. The family actually had a lot of great questions and I got to impress the kids by telling them that I know Santa Claus. We also visited the fortress island of Suomenlinna, where the family took in the history and nature of the island.

Three generations having fun together


The best feedback for a private guide is seeing the visitors smiling, pointing at things and taking pictures, also in this case it was clear that this family was thoroughly enjoying their tour. This was a great family, with three generations, all with their own interests, they were clearly enjoying the experience together.

Before coming to Helsinki their cruise ship had been to Copenhagen, Stockholm and St Petersburg, so it was great to hear the kids say “Helsinki was the best!”, before they went back to the ship.  Kia and I stood by the car and waving until everyone was safely onboard. Then we went for a coffee to plan the next tour.

Three generations enjoying Helsinki Cathedral


If you are coming to Helsinki with a cruise ship and want to have a memorable experience, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can offer a city tour or a tour to see Finnish nature just outside of the city. Check out our experiences here: http://onedayinhelsinki.com/experiences/ . Also notice that we can completely tailor-make your visit to make sure that you have an experience you will never forget.

Written by One Day in Helsinki & Co.

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