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A Perfect Day at Our Private Cottage

Imagine a scenic drive through the beautiful Nordic landscape of pine wood forests, seashores, golden fields of wheat and rye and quaint wooden houses. Over a meadow you see a deer looking at you. It’s so peaceful and harmonious that you slowly start breathing easier. You are on your way to spend a fun and relaxing day at a private cottage – a day that you won’t forget.

After a 50 minute drive, you arrive at the destination. You immediately notice the fresh air and the pleasant sea breeze. You look around and see a breathtakingly beautiful private cottage, stylish side-buildings and a wood-burning sauna. The cottage is a luxurious leisure house with all the modern amenities to meet your needs.

There is someone taking care of everything you need or want – your task is simply to enjoy and relax. Relaxation allows your mind to be more creative, leading to new perspectives and ways of thinking.

One of the many spacious terraces around the cottage.

During the following hours, there’s plenty of time to spend according to everyone’s preferences. Why not start with some snacks and refreshments, followed by some fun outdoor games such as petanque or dart? Or just simply relax and take it in on a sunbed?

When you are ready, you go to the sauna and fully relax in the wood-burning sauna – with refreshments, of course. From the sauna you jump into the Baltic Sea for a refreshing swim. Perhaps you do it “Finnish style” and alternate; sauna – swimming –sauna –swimming.
Meanwhile, a perfectly delicious traditional Finnish dinner is prepared for you. You can just sit at the dinner table and enjoy the best that Finnish cuisine has to offer, for example smoked salmon (fully prepared at the location) and Karelian pies being all-time favorites.

Smoking delicious salmon.

Our guests having fun by the water.

After relaxing the Finnish way, a driver will pick you up again and drive you back to the desired location. Now you are ready to continue your trip fully charged.

The day at the private cottage is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss. Our guests say it’s the highlight of their whole trip. This experience is something we have been working hard for, to guarantee you the most fun and relaxing day ever. After this mental and physical reset, you will be able to continue your trip energized and happy. When you are happy, we are happy!

The itinerary and menu will be planned together, always according to what you want to experience. The agenda will be kept flexible.

You are warmly welcome to enjoy the perfect day with us Finnish style!

Our Four Values that Create Unforgettable Experiences

One Day in Helsinki was born over two years ago from our passion to create unique experiences in Helsinki. From the beginning it was important to be clear about what we want to do and how we want to do it.

Finnish Archipelago

We started the exploration with deep discussions about our own personal values and what we hold most important in life. For our CEO, Niki, the most important personal value is ‘spreading good vibes to people around him’. It’s what he wants to do, no matter if it’s for work or not; that insight became a central theme and foundation for everything else. We also quite quickly realized, that we want to offer a sense of luxury to people and that we want to do it in a warm, positive and fun way. These discussions were summarized in our Mission to create “A Day You Will Never Forget”.

Celebrating Summer - One Day In Helsinki

After we had clarity of our Mission, we decided we want clear Values to guide us and keep us on the right path. Our values would define our thinking and behaviors in everything that we do. We wanted values that will enable us to create those unforgettable experiences for people visiting Helsinki. We also wanted them to resonate with our personal values and who we are.

One Day in Helsinki Values (to be lived true every day)

  1. The first value, “Respect for People”, emerged from our passion to offer unique and memorable experiences to people visiting Helsinki. We listen to each guest and want to understand what they enjoy. Everything starts with You.
  2. Our second value became “Positive & Warm”. Our style is to offer luxury in an authentic, positive and warm way. We want you to relax and have fun from the first moment we meet.
  3. Our third value is “Trustworthiness & Safety”. This value guides us to make sure our guests never have to worry about anything. We take care of the schedule and the program, you can just enjoy the ride.
  4. Our fourth value is “Bold & Creative”. Boring is not memorable and an unforgettable day is extraordinary. Our thinking starts with the assumption that everything is possible. We create the best experience for You.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of taking hundreds of people on unique Helsinki adventures. With our experiences, our commitment to our Values has only become stronger. They continue guide us in our Mission to create amazing and unforgettable experiences for people visiting Helsinki. And it feels great!

Check out our Spring and Summer 2018 specials:

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  2. Helsinki City Experience
  3. Forest Bathing

Aerial View of Helsinki - One Day In Helsinki

Written by One Day in Helsinki & Co.

Cruise Ship Visitors Having a Great Day in Helsinki

I love spring time, because it means that cruise ship visitors come to Helsinki. People who come here by cruise ship have limited time and want to get to know the city they are in as quickly and efficiently as possible. One Day in Helsinki guests also want to have memorable moments and unique experiences, that’s why we always make sure to know what the group wants before planning the experience. This is a story about one family of three generations from the USA, who came to Helsinki on a cruise ship.

Private tours for cruise ship visitors to Helsinki

Private tours for cruise ship visitors to Helsinki


It was a beautiful morning and I woke up at 7 a.m. with plenty of time before the family was due to arrive. I felt energized by the sun, so I put on my running shoes and went for a run. I decided to run by the harbor, where the cruise ship would arrive a few hours later. During the run I went through the plan for the day in my mind, also thinking about my soon to be arriving guests. The family includes seven people from the USA; parents, grandparents (grandma in a wheelchair) and three kids. We had a great plan for the day with something for everyone, not forgetting some fun for the kids.


Pick up from as close as it gets


At ten a.m. I took the van and picked up Kia (my sister and co-guide) from the center and drove to the cruise ship. We stopped the van right next to the ship and Kia went out to meet our guests by the door. As the family came out of the ship, we immediately recognized them. They looked happy and curious to learn more about this new city they had just arrived in. There was definitely a positive energy in the air from the very start.

Cruise ship leaving from Helsinki. In the background is Helsinki Cathedral.


A day packed with experiences


The family had asked for a four hour tour of Helsinki. We planned a tour packed with culinary delights, cultural experiences and of course fun. We had Finnish pastries with coffee and hot chocolate, checked out some historical architecture on the way and talked about Finnish culture and life here. The family actually had a lot of great questions and I got to impress the kids by telling them that I know Santa Claus. We also visited the fortress island of Suomenlinna, where the family took in the history and nature of the island.

Three generations having fun together


The best feedback for a private guide is seeing the visitors smiling, pointing at things and taking pictures, also in this case it was clear that this family was thoroughly enjoying their tour. This was a great family, with three generations, all with their own interests, they were clearly enjoying the experience together.

Before coming to Helsinki their cruise ship had been to Copenhagen, Stockholm and St Petersburg, so it was great to hear the kids say “Helsinki was the best!”, before they went back to the ship.  Kia and I stood by the car and waving until everyone was safely onboard. Then we went for a coffee to plan the next tour.

Three generations enjoying Helsinki Cathedral


If you are coming to Helsinki with a cruise ship and want to have a memorable experience, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can offer a city tour or a tour to see Finnish nature just outside of the city. Check out our experiences here: http://onedayinhelsinki.com/experiences/ . Also notice that we can completely tailor-make your visit to make sure that you have an experience you will never forget.

Written by One Day in Helsinki & Co.

Elite Private Tour for The Ultimate Helsinki Experience

One Day in Helsinki Challenges You to Experience Our Luxurious Elite Private Tour.


Finnish Archipelago


Archipelago From The Sea and Air


The Elite Experience will begin with an unbelievable boat trip on a private sailing yacht, traveling through the fascinating and picturesque Helsinki Archipelago. This breathtaking sailing trip gives you many opportunities to capture stunning images of the city and all that the archipelago has to offer. The island sights will take your breath away while you enjoy the fresh sea air. Next, you will visit one of the quaint islands of Helsinki and enjoy a superb champagne picnic. Now it’s time to relax and take in your wonderful surroundings.

One day in Helsinki

This amazing Elite Experience does not end here. After the champagne picnic, a helicopter ride will take you on a special scenic tour, heading to a private summer cottage. After arriving at the cottage, you will have the opportunity to experience a wood-burning sauna and encounter the enjoyment provided by a swim in the Baltic Sea.

Holiday home view towards the sea

The surrounding natural beauty of the Finnish forest will create a perfect atmosphere for an enchanting evening, where you will be served a traditional Finnish meal.

Forest bathing private tour by One Day In Helsinki

This wonderful day would not be complete without a secret surprise to end this perfectly planned experience. The surprise will be revealed once the dinner has ended. This exceptional Elite Experience will provide you with a perfect way to spend a day, and the memories will be yours to cherish and remember for the rest of your life.


Ultimate Helsinki Private Tour Itinerary Includes:

  • Pick-up service from desired location in Helsinki to the port.
  • A sailing boat trip through the Helsinki Archipelago, followed by a visit to an exciting island with champagne picnic (2-3 hours).
  • Helicopter return tour to a beautiful Finnish summer cottage location (1 hour).
  • Summer cottage experience includes a wood-burning sauna and swimming in the Baltic Sea, with refreshments (2 hours).
  • Dinner in the natural Finnish forest (made according to your preferences) and a secret surprise to end the amazing day’s experience (2 hours).
  • Driving service back to the desired location in Helsinki (1 hour).

Duration: 8-9 hours, pick-up from the desired location in Helsinki will be at noon.


Luxury Private Tour Without Limits


Is this your ultimate Helsinki experience? We want you to know that everything is possible, so in case you have something special in mind, contact us and let’s start planning your perfect day together.

Can you imagine yourself experiencing such a wonderful way to spend a day, or do you have another choice of experience to challenge us with?


Written on behalf of One Day in Helsinki & Co.

Archipelago of The Baltic Sea – Day trips from Helsinki

An amazing archipelago view


Helsinki is amazing, attractive and safe to visit, with a beautiful archipelago during the summertime. Helsinki City has many remarkable and charming sights to see with many picturesque walking streets, museums, churches, and monuments. The Helsinki Cathedral and Esplanadi Park are must see attractions. Helsinki is also a great place for shopping and dining, and not to forget indoor and outdoor marketplaces. If you want to get out of the city, we also offer day trips from Helsinki, for example to archipelago and nearby islands.

Helsinki by The Sea



Helsinki City’s attraction is likewise enriched because it is a city that is located by the sea. Visitors to Helsinki can experience some great boating adventures at the magnificent archipelago. The Finnish Baltic Sea and its Archipelago offers visitors the opportunity to encounter plenty of extreme island scenes since it is deemed to be one of the largest archipelagos.



Top Four Islands Visited


Visitors who visit Helsinki City can equally take the time to experience some of the individual islands and what they offer. Korkeasaari and Suomenlinna are a few of the most popular Finnish islands that are visited. Korkeasaari is a zoo which is situated on an island and has an outstanding viewpoint of Helsinki. Suomenlinna fortress is roughly a fifteen-minute journey by ferry from Helsinki’s Market Square by the sea. Suomenlinna offers visitors a great opportunity to observe the surrounding maritime scenery and cruise ships entering to and from the Helsinki harbour. Vallisaari Military Island which was recently opened to the public is also accessible by ferry and is a beautiful island which is highly recommended to visit, because of the scenic untouched nature. Seurasaari provides an opportunity for people to learn and gain an insight about some of the unique Finnish culture because the island is an amazing outdoor museum.



Archipelago Experiences in Helsinki


If you are interested in exploring the archipelago further, One Day in Helsinki can arrange a private boat for hire and help you visit some of the least seen hidden islands.

Written by One Day in Helsinki & Co.

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