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A Perfect Day at Our Private Cottage

Imagine a scenic drive through the beautiful Nordic landscape of pine wood forests, seashores, golden fields of wheat and rye and quaint wooden houses. Over a meadow you see a deer looking at you. It’s so peaceful and harmonious that you slowly start breathing easier. You are on your way to spend a fun and relaxing day at a private cottage – a day that you won’t forget.

After a 50 minute drive, you arrive at the destination. You immediately notice the fresh air and the pleasant sea breeze. You look around and see a breathtakingly beautiful private cottage, stylish side-buildings and a wood-burning sauna. The cottage is a luxurious leisure house with all the modern amenities to meet your needs.

There is someone taking care of everything you need or want – your task is simply to enjoy and relax. Relaxation allows your mind to be more creative, leading to new perspectives and ways of thinking.

One of the many spacious terraces around the cottage.

During the following hours, there’s plenty of time to spend according to everyone’s preferences. Why not start with some snacks and refreshments, followed by some fun outdoor games such as petanque or dart? Or just simply relax and take it in on a sunbed?

When you are ready, you go to the sauna and fully relax in the wood-burning sauna – with refreshments, of course. From the sauna you jump into the Baltic Sea for a refreshing swim. Perhaps you do it “Finnish style” and alternate; sauna – swimming –sauna –swimming.
Meanwhile, a perfectly delicious traditional Finnish dinner is prepared for you. You can just sit at the dinner table and enjoy the best that Finnish cuisine has to offer, for example smoked salmon (fully prepared at the location) and Karelian pies being all-time favorites.

Smoking delicious salmon.

Our guests having fun by the water.

After relaxing the Finnish way, a driver will pick you up again and drive you back to the desired location. Now you are ready to continue your trip fully charged.

The day at the private cottage is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss. Our guests say it’s the highlight of their whole trip. This experience is something we have been working hard for, to guarantee you the most fun and relaxing day ever. After this mental and physical reset, you will be able to continue your trip energized and happy. When you are happy, we are happy!

The itinerary and menu will be planned together, always according to what you want to experience. The agenda will be kept flexible.

You are warmly welcome to enjoy the perfect day with us Finnish style!

Private Offshore Adventure in Helsinki


Private archipelago experience in Helsinki

There are more than 300 beautiful islands right off the coast of Helsinki. Therefore, if you really want to experience our capital city, we recommend getting on a boat and starting to explore. We will take you on a private offshore adventure in the Helsinki archipelago to enjoy a day you won’t forget.

The ultimate way to experience the archipelago is on a private tour with a fast boat, historic ship, and guides who will adjust the schedule according to your wishes. This experience is perfect for cruise ship visitors and others who visit Helsinki only for a short time. The itinerary and relevant details are listed at the end of this post.


We invite you to join our Private Offshore Adventure!

Our One Day in Helsinki Guide, RIB boat, and historic ship, Nikolai II, will be reserved just for you. Furthermore,  you will experience the beautiful archipelago and the world heritage site Suomenlinna Sea Fortress Island. We are always flexible and ready to make changes in the schedule if there is something you wish to see or do.


Nikolai II has it all and is located in the hot spot of Helsinki. Welcome to Private Offshore Adventure to Helsinki.

It is nice to hang out on the sun deck with a glass of bubbling and enjoy the picturesque Helsinki view.


Introducing Our Ship Nikolai II

Nikolai II is a historic ship that is located in the most central part of Helsinki, with amazing views of the Market Square, Helsinki Cathedral, the Presidential Palace, cruise ships, and islands. Check the location here. Nikolai II is the oldest ship built in Helsinki (1903) that can still run on its own engine. Orginally called Nautilus, it was renamed after Tsar Nikolai II who had commissioned its construction.

The ship has four decks and many specialties like an authentic wood-burning sauna, sun deck on two decks, spacious old-fashioned saloon and of course a wonderful kitchen that can be utilized when preparing delicious meals for our guests. Bigger events for up to 100 people are also doable. Nikolai II is 29.8 meters / 97.7 feet long and 6.1 meters / 20 feet wide.


From Nikolai II you can see the Helsinki Cathedral, Uspenski Cathedral, Presidential Palace, Market Square and Market Hall. The location is breathtaking.

From Nikolai II you can see the Helsinki Cathedral, Uspenski Cathedral, Presidential Palace, Market Square and Market Hall. The location is breathtaking.


Offshore experience in Helsinki

Helsinki’s archipelago is fantastic and a “must-do” experience. There are over 300 islands just in Helsinki alone and over 187,000 in total in Finland.


What does the day’s itinerary look like?

  • 09:00 – 10:00 Private pick-up from Helsinki e.g. Port, Hotel or Airport. One-hour brief sightseeing where we will go through some of the main sights of Helsinki. From Nikolai II you can see the Helsinki Cathedral, Uspenski Cathedral, Market Square and Market Hall.
  • 10:00 – 10:30 Arrival and drinks at Nikolai II by the Central Market Square
  • 10:30 – 12:00 RIB Boat ride including a visit to the World Heritage Site, Suomenlinna Fortress
  • 12:00 – 14:30 Lunch and program on the historic Nikolai II (a wood-burning sauna is an option)
  • 14:30 – heading back to the Port, Hotel or Airport

The starting time of the itinerary can be adjusted depending on you.

Recommended group size: 4 – 8.  Bigger groups are also arrangeable.

Price: 300 Euros / Person (everything included, no extra charges)

Contact us and let’s start planning your day: niki@onedayinhelsinki.com or call us on Whatsapp: +358 40 775 4500

More information about us: One Day in Helsinki

Nikolai II Facebook page

About our values


“Our goal is to offer you an experience you will never forget.”


Private sauna in Nikolai boat. Private Offshore Adventure has it all.

You also have an opportunity to experience the authentic wood-burning sauna privately in Nikolai II.

The sun deck has basically two floors. On the upper deck you can drink Champange and sunbathe.

The sun deck has two floors. Nikolai II has lots of space.

If you fall in love with Nikolai II you can also ask for overnight stay.

If you fall in love with Nikolai II, you can also ask for an overnight stay.

It would be a pleasure to host your Private Offshore Adventure here in Helsinki. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Written by One Day in Helsinki & Nikolai II

Unique Midsummer White Night Private Cottage Experience in Helsinki

Have you ever heard of the magical Northern midsummer nights, when the sun stays up all night? Imagine sitting by a bonfire on a private beach with friends or family, at night-time and it’s still light outside. Just add an authentic Finnish cottage, eating, drinking, sauna and swimming and you will know what Finnish Midsummer night is all about.

Overview of the cottage

“One Day in Helsinki offers you the exclusive opportunity to experience Midsummer the Finnish way”

Now, instead of just imagining it, you can experience it for yourself! One Day in Helsinki offers you the exclusive opportunity to experience Midsummer the Finnish way. We will take you to a beautiful cottage surrounded by the forest with a private seashore beach.

People having fun during midsummer in Helsinki

This is a unique 24-hour Private Overnight Summer Cottage Adventure, located only 30 minutes drive from Helsinki. Private means that it will be just your group (2-4 people) enjoying an authentic Finnish Midsummer Experience together. Furthermore, our Guide will be at your service all the time, making sure that you have the time of your lives.

Private Helsinki Experience


  • Option 1: June 22nd (starting 2 pm) – June 23rd (returning 2pm)
  • Option 2: June 23rd (starting 5 pm) – June 24th (returning 5 pm)

What’s included:

  • Private Driver to-and-from Helsinki
  • Private Guide for your group
  • Finnish-style summer cottage in the woods with a beach just for you (has running water and heating)
  • Visit to small coastal village
  • Boat ride
  • Food and drinks
  • Bonfire
  • Private Wood Burning Sauna, 10 meters from the Baltic Sea shore
  • Row boat, games and equipment for many activities

We will keep the agenda flexible, depending on the weather.


  • 2 people: 1900 €
  • 3 people: 2600€
  • 4 people: 3200€

The summer cottage where you could spend the white night.

Warming up the wood burning sauna

Warming up the wood burning sauna.


Written by One Day in Helsinki & Co.

Sightseeing in Helsinki – Top seven experiences

There are many reasons why people visit Helsinki, such as on holiday, or on a business trip, or even just having a short break, and just visit the city because it’s one of the top cities to visit. Helsinki private tours are the best way to explore the top sights and hidden gems.

Sightseeing Helsinki – View of Market Square

During the summertime it is a picturesque place with many wonderful sights to visit and see. The city is alive with the sound of seagulls, colorful events and its waterfront area is breathtaking because the city’s atmosphere has an exciting Nordic coastal charm about it. Helsinki’s history is unique, and the vibrant colors of the buildings are extremely beautiful, yet tranquil. Helsinki’s charming persona is why everyone should come and visit this worthwhile city, plus it is genuinely an impressive place.


Have Your camera ready! Top things to see in Helsinki:



One Day in Helsinki welcomes you to take a scenic tour of Helsinki’s must-see sights. …


Have your camera ready and take some memorable Helsinki moments back home with you. …

Let’s see what sightseeing in Helsinki is all about:

Visit Helsinki – Sibelius Monument


1. Finns, Nature and Summertime


There are many inner forest areas in Helsinki, however, there is as well the unbelievable surrounding nature of Helsinki, which is unreal and beautiful. We at One Day in Helsinki feel that your visit would not be complete without you also experiencing more of the stunning Finnish nature, and other Finnish activities that Finns do in their spare time.


Finns love to venture into nature and spend some quality time there, especially during the summer months. The long Finnish summer days allows everyone to appreciate nature’s loveliness at its best, relax and experience some amazing recreational time. Finns value their summer cottage and sauna experiences, walking in nature, berry picking, and participating in traditional occasions, and lets also not forget island hopping by boat!

Things to see in Helsinki - Nature


2. Private Tour Experience During Summer in Helsinki


One Day in Helsinki wants to share these amazing Finnish experiences with you because Finland’s nature is so stunning and unique. We want everyone who is visiting the Helsinki area to see more of what there is to offer and gain an amazing Finnish cultural experience too.


Our company offers several types of Private Tour Experiences which are particularly right for the summertime. We will show you what else this incredible country has to offer, so why not book a Private Tour today and treat yourself.

Helsinki private guide


3. Sightseeing Helsinki archipelago


Helsinki is amazing, attractive and safe to visit, with a beautiful archipelago during the summertime. …


Helsinki City’s attraction is likewise enriched because it is a city that is located by the sea. On your visit to Helsinki you can experience some great boating adventures at the magnificent archipelago. …


If you are interested in exploring the archipelago further, One Day in Helsinki can arrange a private boat for hire and help you visit some of the least seen hidden islands.

Archipelago experience


4. Archipelago Experience in Helsinki


Mökki refers to a Finnish summer cottage, which is an important part of Finnish culture. …


Us Finns are very attached to nature, as we are used to having it present everywhere. …


To gain an authentic experience of the Finnish mökki life, One Day in Helsinki provides a Finnish Summer Cottage & Sauna experience! …

Finland Archipelago experience


5. Experience Sauna the Finnish Way


Even today every holiday and special day starts with sauna with family and friends. …


Sauna is a place of true equality…


When we go to a sauna near the woods, we like to collect a bunch of birch branches and tie them together … We use the bundle of branches to hit ourselves and each other with (it sounds strange, but it feels great). …

Preparing wood burning sauna.


6. Shinrin-yoku or “Forest Bathing” is A Healthy Way to Spend the Day


We welcome you to experience pure Finnish nature with us. There are so many beautiful places close to Helsinki where you can experience the serenity of nature. …

Finnish forest experience


7. Crayfish Season is Nearly Here in Helsinki


Traditionally in August – September we Finns love to get-together and have loud crayfish parties.


This occasion is a great way for people to socialize with families, friends or work colleagues and enjoy a relaxed and happy atmosphere. …

Crayfish season in Finland is one of the must-do things when visiting.


Helsinki Private Tours


To read more from these Helsinki Blogs and Experiences, press on the links below.


Read more from our other Helsinki Blogs and Experiences on the home page and do not hesitate to contact us to arrange your special tailor-made summertime experience. We will help you to pick best things to see in Helsinki.


Written on behalf of One Day in Helsinki & Co.

Elite Private Tour for The Ultimate Helsinki Experience

One Day in Helsinki Challenges You to Experience Our Luxurious Elite Private Tour.


Finnish Archipelago


Archipelago From The Sea and Air


The Elite Experience will begin with an unbelievable boat trip on a private sailing yacht, traveling through the fascinating and picturesque Helsinki Archipelago. This breathtaking sailing trip gives you many opportunities to capture stunning images of the city and all that the archipelago has to offer. The island sights will take your breath away while you enjoy the fresh sea air. Next, you will visit one of the quaint islands of Helsinki and enjoy a superb champagne picnic. Now it’s time to relax and take in your wonderful surroundings.

One day in Helsinki

This amazing Elite Experience does not end here. After the champagne picnic, a helicopter ride will take you on a special scenic tour, heading to a private summer cottage. After arriving at the cottage, you will have the opportunity to experience a wood-burning sauna and encounter the enjoyment provided by a swim in the Baltic Sea.

Holiday home view towards the sea

The surrounding natural beauty of the Finnish forest will create a perfect atmosphere for an enchanting evening, where you will be served a traditional Finnish meal.

Forest bathing private tour by One Day In Helsinki

This wonderful day would not be complete without a secret surprise to end this perfectly planned experience. The surprise will be revealed once the dinner has ended. This exceptional Elite Experience will provide you with a perfect way to spend a day, and the memories will be yours to cherish and remember for the rest of your life.


Ultimate Helsinki Private Tour Itinerary Includes:

  • Pick-up service from desired location in Helsinki to the port.
  • A sailing boat trip through the Helsinki Archipelago, followed by a visit to an exciting island with champagne picnic (2-3 hours).
  • Helicopter return tour to a beautiful Finnish summer cottage location (1 hour).
  • Summer cottage experience includes a wood-burning sauna and swimming in the Baltic Sea, with refreshments (2 hours).
  • Dinner in the natural Finnish forest (made according to your preferences) and a secret surprise to end the amazing day’s experience (2 hours).
  • Driving service back to the desired location in Helsinki (1 hour).

Duration: 8-9 hours, pick-up from the desired location in Helsinki will be at noon.


Luxury Private Tour Without Limits


Is this your ultimate Helsinki experience? We want you to know that everything is possible, so in case you have something special in mind, contact us and let’s start planning your perfect day together.

Can you imagine yourself experiencing such a wonderful way to spend a day, or do you have another choice of experience to challenge us with?


Written on behalf of One Day in Helsinki & Co.

Leisure Experiences for Conferences in Helsinki

Helsinki is one of the biggest conference cities in Europe. Individual people and groups frequently come to Helsinki to learn the latest in their trade and to make new connections with other professionals. Many times conference goers don’t see much more than the airport, hotel and conference center. We at One Day in Helsinki offer conference goers the opportunity to experience more of what the Helsinki region has to offer.


Forest bathing - One Day In Helsinki

Forest Luxury Close to Helsinki


Nature, Food and Fun in Nuuksio National Park

On an enjoyable Sunday evening in June, One Day in Helsinki had the pleasure of hosting an unforgettable experience for 95 medical experts who were in Finland for a conference. They approached us, because they wanted to experience Finnish nature together. We decided to take the group to the wonderful Nuuksio National Park, which is less than an hour away from Helsinki.

To ensure a comfortable trip, we arranged for two top-of-the-line buses to pick the groups up from their hotels. Both buses had an experienced guide to give more insights and information about the surroundings (not too much though, as we want our guests to have enough time to talk with each other and just relax). Once we arrived in the forest, the guests explored the beautiful and tranquil natural scenery with forest guides. The quietness, the fresh forest air and green pine tree forests, are the perfect counter-balance to the conference days.

Beautiful lake

Taking a Break and Winding Down during a Conference


Throughout the evening guests were served delicious and traditional Finnish food and beverages. The food was prepared by cooks on open wood fires and served to guests in traditional wooden bowls. Some of the traditional Finnish cuisines included: smoked tar salmon, Karelian pies, nettle pie, Finnish Archipelago bread, Finnish sausages, traditional Finnish potato salad, and fresh salad. We made sure that there was enough wine, beer and schnaps for those who wanted it. Especially the Finnish schnaps Koskenkorva was a hit with many of the fun-loving guests.

“You have really made sure there is enough food and wine… and so delicious. Wow!”

– A happily surprised German guest

Conference guests are listening to the Finnish opera singer

As a final surprise to our guests, we guided them to a panorama terrace, with an amazing view over the national park. There they enjoyed an inspiring performance by the Finnish opera singer Matias Haakana, whilst viewing the picturesque surrounding landscape and lake.

“You can really be proud of your country!”

– An amazed Austrian guest

Judging by the expressions and feedback from our happy guests, it was truly an evening to remember.

Nature was fully respected because One Day in Helsinki supports providing an environmentally friendly service. The event was an exhilarating and enjoyable evening for everyone.

Jussi Hellsten


Where To Go During a Conference and What To Do


One Day in Helsinki is always ready to organize tailor-made experiences for conference goers such as nature, urban and cultural experiences.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to satisfy any kind of special expectations. Visit our Experiences.

Written on behalf of One Day in Helsinki & Co.

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