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Leisure Experiences for Conferences in Helsinki

Helsinki is one of the biggest conference cities in Europe. Individual people and groups frequently come to Helsinki to learn the latest in their trade and to make new connections with other professionals. Many times conference goers don’t see much more than the airport, hotel and conference center. We at One Day in Helsinki offer conference goers the opportunity to experience more of what the Helsinki region has to offer.


Forest bathing - One Day In Helsinki

Forest Luxury Close to Helsinki


Nature, Food and Fun in Nuuksio National Park

On an enjoyable Sunday evening in June, One Day in Helsinki had the pleasure of hosting an unforgettable experience for 95 medical experts who were in Finland for a conference. They approached us, because they wanted to experience Finnish nature together. We decided to take the group to the wonderful Nuuksio National Park, which is less than an hour away from Helsinki.

To ensure a comfortable trip, we arranged for two top-of-the-line buses to pick the groups up from their hotels. Both buses had an experienced guide to give more insights and information about the surroundings (not too much though, as we want our guests to have enough time to talk with each other and just relax). Once we arrived in the forest, the guests explored the beautiful and tranquil natural scenery with forest guides. The quietness, the fresh forest air and green pine tree forests, are the perfect counter-balance to the conference days.

Beautiful lake

Taking a Break and Winding Down during a Conference


Throughout the evening guests were served delicious and traditional Finnish food and beverages. The food was prepared by cooks on open wood fires and served to guests in traditional wooden bowls. Some of the traditional Finnish cuisines included: smoked tar salmon, Karelian pies, nettle pie, Finnish Archipelago bread, Finnish sausages, traditional Finnish potato salad, and fresh salad. We made sure that there was enough wine, beer and schnaps for those who wanted it. Especially the Finnish schnaps Koskenkorva was a hit with many of the fun-loving guests.

“You have really made sure there is enough food and wine… and so delicious. Wow!”

– A happily surprised German guest

Conference guests are listening to the Finnish opera singer

As a final surprise to our guests, we guided them to a panorama terrace, with an amazing view over the national park. There they enjoyed an inspiring performance by the Finnish opera singer Matias Haakana, whilst viewing the picturesque surrounding landscape and lake.

“You can really be proud of your country!”

– An amazed Austrian guest

Judging by the expressions and feedback from our happy guests, it was truly an evening to remember.

Nature was fully respected because One Day in Helsinki supports providing an environmentally friendly service. The event was an exhilarating and enjoyable evening for everyone.

Jussi Hellsten


Where To Go During a Conference and What To Do


One Day in Helsinki is always ready to organize tailor-made experiences for conference goers such as nature, urban and cultural experiences.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to satisfy any kind of special expectations. Visit our Experiences.

Written on behalf of One Day in Helsinki & Co.

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