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Sightseeing in Helsinki – Top seven experiences

There are many reasons why people visit Helsinki, such as on holiday, or on a business trip, or even just having a short break, and just visit the city because it’s one of the top cities to visit. Helsinki private tours are the best way to explore the top sights and hidden gems.

Sightseeing Helsinki – View of Market Square

During the summertime it is a picturesque place with many wonderful sights to visit and see. The city is alive with the sound of seagulls, colorful events and its waterfront area is breathtaking because the city’s atmosphere has an exciting Nordic coastal charm about it. Helsinki’s history is unique, and the vibrant colors of the buildings are extremely beautiful, yet tranquil. Helsinki’s charming persona is why everyone should come and visit this worthwhile city, plus it is genuinely an impressive place.


Have Your camera ready! Top things to see in Helsinki:



One Day in Helsinki welcomes you to take a scenic tour of Helsinki’s must-see sights. …


Have your camera ready and take some memorable Helsinki moments back home with you. …

Let’s see what sightseeing in Helsinki is all about:

Visit Helsinki – Sibelius Monument


1. Finns, Nature and Summertime


There are many inner forest areas in Helsinki, however, there is as well the unbelievable surrounding nature of Helsinki, which is unreal and beautiful. We at One Day in Helsinki feel that your visit would not be complete without you also experiencing more of the stunning Finnish nature, and other Finnish activities that Finns do in their spare time.


Finns love to venture into nature and spend some quality time there, especially during the summer months. The long Finnish summer days allows everyone to appreciate nature’s loveliness at its best, relax and experience some amazing recreational time. Finns value their summer cottage and sauna experiences, walking in nature, berry picking, and participating in traditional occasions, and lets also not forget island hopping by boat!

Things to see in Helsinki - Nature


2. Private Tour Experience During Summer in Helsinki


One Day in Helsinki wants to share these amazing Finnish experiences with you because Finland’s nature is so stunning and unique. We want everyone who is visiting the Helsinki area to see more of what there is to offer and gain an amazing Finnish cultural experience too.


Our company offers several types of Private Tour Experiences which are particularly right for the summertime. We will show you what else this incredible country has to offer, so why not book a Private Tour today and treat yourself.

Helsinki private guide


3. Sightseeing Helsinki archipelago


Helsinki is amazing, attractive and safe to visit, with a beautiful archipelago during the summertime. …


Helsinki City’s attraction is likewise enriched because it is a city that is located by the sea. On your visit to Helsinki you can experience some great boating adventures at the magnificent archipelago. …


If you are interested in exploring the archipelago further, One Day in Helsinki can arrange a private boat for hire and help you visit some of the least seen hidden islands.

Archipelago experience


4. Archipelago Experience in Helsinki


Mökki refers to a Finnish summer cottage, which is an important part of Finnish culture. …


Us Finns are very attached to nature, as we are used to having it present everywhere. …


To gain an authentic experience of the Finnish mökki life, One Day in Helsinki provides a Finnish Summer Cottage & Sauna experience! …

Finland Archipelago experience


5. Experience Sauna the Finnish Way


Even today every holiday and special day starts with sauna with family and friends. …


Sauna is a place of true equality…


When we go to a sauna near the woods, we like to collect a bunch of birch branches and tie them together … We use the bundle of branches to hit ourselves and each other with (it sounds strange, but it feels great). …

Preparing wood burning sauna.


6. Shinrin-yoku or “Forest Bathing” is A Healthy Way to Spend the Day


We welcome you to experience pure Finnish nature with us. There are so many beautiful places close to Helsinki where you can experience the serenity of nature. …

Finnish forest experience


7. Crayfish Season is Nearly Here in Helsinki


Traditionally in August – September we Finns love to get-together and have loud crayfish parties.


This occasion is a great way for people to socialize with families, friends or work colleagues and enjoy a relaxed and happy atmosphere. …

Crayfish season in Finland is one of the must-do things when visiting.


Helsinki Private Tours


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Written on behalf of One Day in Helsinki & Co.

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